Free up your valuable time by setting the inbox on autopilot

We’ll show you step-by-step how to cleanse, organize and automate your leader’s inbox for the long-run. It’s everything you need to confidently manage and maintain your leader’s inbox — and free up more of your time for high-level work. 

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90-minutes of training and practical takeaways from a Base inbox expert

Learn the proven method used by expert EAs to achieve inbox zero in just a few days. A snapshot at what we’ll cover:

  • Principles to great inbox management 
  • The most effective processes for minimal upkeep 
  • Time-saving inbox functionalities you’ve probably never heard of
  • How to overcome common inbox challenges and hurdles
  • Beyond tips and tricks: effective ways to archive emails 
  • Best practice organization systems and automation setup

You’ll walk away from this course with:

  • An actionable plan to create a more efficient inbox system
  • Confidence to take on even the messiest of inboxes
  • Answers to your specific questions and challenges
  • An easy system to triage what's important vs. what’s not
  • Cheat sheets for powerful search terms, rules, and filters
  • An inbox maintenance guide to codify all the important details
  • And much more!
Meet Sara, your inbox instructor

Sara Altuna (she/her) is a training guru, content strategist, and resident inbox expert at Base. She has also worked as an Executive Assistant, copywriter, and freelance copyeditor. As an EA Training Manager, Sara designs and develops courses for experienced EAs who want to feel empowered in their careers and gain confidence and meaning in their skills.

Understanding that not everyone has the luxury of an assistant, Sara developed Inbox Reset: a one-time service to help CEOs and leaders around the world get some much-needed inbox assistance.

Now, she has turned Inbox Reset into a tried-and-true method to help EAs tackle the inbox with minimal stress and upkeep — and she’s sharing it with you!

Go from out-of-control to inbox zero

When managing a high volume inbox, you’re processing hundreds of (or more!) emails every month. This is a significant task that is likely taking hours out of your day. 

What if instead you could have a system that automates a lot of that manual work, clearing your time up for more high-level, strategic tasks? You’d be unstoppable. 

No matter your experience, industry, or tech stack — we know how to help. With live demos, small group support, and tons of resources, you’ll leave this training with the confidence and tools you need to thrive.